(05) Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The number of surviva situationsl where you have to act without thinking is really quite limited. Some cops go through their entire careers without shooting their gun, except at the firing range. So if most survival situations require thinking, you need to make sure you are thinking straight. Most importantly that means not being in a panic, which of course is the natural response to being in a survival situation. That's why most experts recommend doing tomething easy but that requires a bit of time and concentation to complete, like unravelling a paracord bracelet or making a cup of tea. Not only is the paracord or tea useful in itself, the concentration required in doing the task will help take your mind off the situation. In the case of the tea, by the time it is finished you also have fire and water, too very important steps, and the tea provides electrolytes, to help keep you going.

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