Life Points (app only)

Life points are awarded for what you achieve in the game. Even just staying alive for an hour will get you a life point, even if you are doing nothing more than resting. Actively using skills will get more life points, and surviving in difficult situations will get you much more. In addition, you can get bonus life points for reaching certain milestones, like surviving your first week, making your first fire, building your first shelter, perfecting a skill, or having your first child. Regular life points you can continue to accumulate, bonus life points can only be acquired once per milestone for a given account.

Life points can be redeemed for virtual cards. Each card will have a different life point value, based on its rarity and its necessity. If you acquire a virtual card through actions using other cards you have, you will be allowed to go into a deficit to acquire the card. You can not otherwise get a virtual card until you have a positive life point balance.