Vital Statistics

Every player has a number of physical and mental characteristics that helps determine how good they are at doing things. They are on a scale of 1-100, with 50 being the average for a human being.

  • AGE
  • Age: Chronological age, in years; cAGE === pAGE; when pAGE = gAGE, die from old age

  • AGL
  • Agility: how well they can move on their legs

  • CON
  • Consciousness: how aware they are of their surroundings

  • CST
  • Constitution: physiological well-being, overall health

  • DEX
  • Dexterity: how good they are at manipulating things with their hands

  • END
  • Endurance: how long they can sustain physical effort

  • FAT
  • Energy Rerserves: Used for taking actions or even resting, replenished only by eating. Can never go below 0; when it reaches 0, points are taken from AGL, CST, DEX, END, STR, and VIT instead. 1 point equals approximately 3000 calories.

  • HEA
  • Hearing: how well they can hear things

  • HYD
  • Hydration: how thirsty they are (as a percentage)

  • INT
  • Intelligence: how well they can think

  • STR
  • Strength: how strong their muscles are

  • VIS
  • Vision: not mere visual acuity, but how well they can notice things visually

  • VIT
  • Vitality: how fast they heal up

Each character actually has three values for each Vital Statistic: Genetic, Permanent, and Current. Genetic is set at time of creation and does not change throughout their lifetime, unless exposed to mutagenic agents. Permanent are initially the same as Genetic, but can be increased by exercise or other enhanced or decreased by aging or severe injuries. Current will vary daily with use and will revert towards the Permanent value depending on Vitality and amount of rest. Current values have the 3 letter abbreviations, Permanent values have a "p" prefix, Genetic values have a "g" prefix.